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Affordable Solar Power For Residential Solar

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Affordable residential solar power . Have you been thinking about that lately? If you haven’t, you should and here is why. Affordable solar is now
The spikes in energy costs recently aren’t going to somehow mystically go away. We have now, or are getting close to critical mass when it comes to our energy needs. Prices will only escalate. How much are you willing to pay?

The environment. Time has come to face the music. This planet is getting dirtier by the day now that nearly all the 3rd world countries are coming of age and the thirst for oil is becoming relentless. We are close to using more oil than we produce.

A couple of good reasons for sure but the best one I can offer is good old fashioned INDEPENDENCE! Not just as your nation needs to be energy independent but you need to be as well and now you can be!

Technology has improved our capability to power our homes with affordable power and now provides various residential solar power kits for your home.

Virtually everthing in your house can now be powered with solar energy.

Affordable solar power kits are easy to install and even simpler to maintain. The cost is still a little high by some standards but that issue is getting better by the day. They are more affordable than you might think.

What is a solar power kit you may ask? How does it work? How can it benefit me? Again, those questions have become less difficult with the advancement of technology so lets explore a couple of them.

Residential solar power kits contain various modules that when put together can power everything in your house. The main source of conversion is through what is known as photovoltaic cells otherwise known as photoelectric cells.

These cells are squeezed into solar panels and placed as such so that they can take advantage of as much direct sunlight as possible. (Yes! You can even build your own! Build My Own Solar)

These cells then convert the suns energy into electricity and store that energy in very efficient batteries which can then be converted to either AC or DC power by use of power converters.

With the proper number of panels, you can supply your entire house and never pay an electric bill again. In fact, you can even sell that power back to the power company and make a profit!

You can also install solar water heating modules and also what is called a solar furnace but I have addressed those in other articles. Even things in your yard can now be all on solar energy.

There are many new solar power kit companies coming out with the latest technology that will allow you to install a residential solar power kit in your home right now.

You will see cost savings immediately and the system pays itself back quickly. There are websites detailing plans for these affordable solar power systems if you know where to look. Do yourself a favor and look into this technology now. With the ease of installation and the money you may save you too can spend that money on yourself instead of sending it to the local utility.

Energy independence can now be yours. It is not only limited to solar energy but wind as well can be incorporated which can add even more versatility to your power grid. All that is needed on your part is for just do a little research and take action! The future of solar energy is here.

solar power

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