Aspects to Bear in mind While Looking for Hedge Trimmer

Cordless hedge trimmer – needed instrument in your houshold. Of the gardening tools, hedge trimmers are necessary. They enable you to get a well cut  hedge that if otherwise left unattended to will ruin the beauty of your property or simply make your backyard untidy. Different varieties of hedge trimmers can be found in the market these days, manufactured by different companies across the world. While some are petrol operated, others are electric operated. Of the two, most common are the electrically operated trimmers.

Petrol trimmers are not just powerful but shear hedges perfectly and can be used to cut various hedges. Their biggest advantage is their capability to cut thick branches of up to 1 inch. However, they have their drawbacks. They’re heavy and loud and using them gets very cumbersome. Because of this and the fact that they do not feature any cable, these are commonly used by professionals and in places where is no electrical power. Petrol trimmers are known to retail at higher cost in comparison to electric operated hedge trimmers.

Electric trimmers have the benefit of being the least expensive, environment friendly and lightweight. Additionally, these are reasonable quiet. This has made them suitable for home use, where they are very popular. Unlike petrol trimmers however, they are incapable of cutting branches more than 2 inches in thickness. You could either choose corded or cordless hedge trimmers. Whilst working with a corded trimmer will mean remaining within reach of an electrical outlet, a cordless trimmer provides the freedom of movement. These use re-chargeable batteries. Because of their popularity, various makes and models of cordless trimmers are available with a cordless Bosh hedge trimmer standing out.

Whilst searching for a hedge trimmer to buy, it is essential to consider whether you will select petrol or electric operated trimmer. If yours is going to be for residential use, you will definitely require a non-cumbersome, light and cheap trimmer in which case an electric cordless trimmer will suit you. Even so, you need to think about what length, design and make of trimming blade to purchase. Hedge trimmer blade lengths range from 16 to 30 inches and while a long trimming blade offers you room to shear a greater area, but they increase the overall weight. You may need to go for a general-purpose blade between 20 to 22 inches.

Hedge trimmer blades are available in several design and you will need to work out which design is most correct for your trimming need. Note that single-sided blades will only be practical when cutting a straight-line hedge. You may need to select a double-sided blade which will let you carry out more trimming from one point. While considering whether to get a single-sided or double-sided blade, do also consider blade teeth gap size. While a blade with a 3/4-inch teeth gap size will be right for cutting mature hedges, a blade with a 3/8-inch teeth gap size will trim young hedges. Hedge trimmer blades are made of various materials which are polished with steel to enhance their strength. You could either choose such or go for pure steel blades that present the benefit of strength and staying sharp for a long time.

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