Discovering the Perfect Rocking Chair

If you’ve been fascinated by the idea of owning your own rocking chair then here’s some info that may assist you together with your buying choice. First a little history: The rocking chair is said to have been invented by Benjamin Franklin. While there is no substantial proof of this it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility considering all that the man is known to have done in his lifetime.

It’s known that during the 19th century regular chairs had been shortened by sawing off an inch or so of the legs to ensure that slots could be cut into the bottom of the legs so that the rockers could be attached. This allowed chair makers to convert ordinary chairs into rocking chairs for minimal price. In fact a retrofitted chair cost much less then having a rocker made from scratch.

1. The Modern Rocking Chair – Since the early days of the rocking chair its popularity has by no means diminished. If anything it has enjoyed a growing popularity through the years. It’s said to have therapeutic value and numerous people claim that sitting in a rocker brings a sense of calm and takes away bodily aches and pains. They’re also the chair of choice for many different activities such as nursing a baby, sewing, and knitting. Needless to say the image of somebody sitting on a porch on a hot day enjoying a glass of cool lemonade wouldn’t be complete if they weren’t sitting in a rocking chair.

2. Rocking Chair Styles – Include the following well recognized furniture styles; Windsor, Ladder Back, Shaker, Boston, Victorian, Bentwood, Wicker. You are able to also discover more modern styles made of such things as chrome, steel, molded plastic and laminated cardboard.

three. Choosing a Rocking Chair – It goes with out saying that anything you buy you want it to last. Hand crafted rockers are known not only for their decorative function but also the longevity. They’re made from the finest pieces of wood that are joined together utilizing mortise and tenon joints. This creates a strong joint that can withstand the rigors of constant rocking motions. For the really detail oriented buyer check to see that the center point of the runners radius lines up correct in front of the user’s chin which will make certain a smooth rocking motion.

4. High quality is Essential – There are a wide range of prices you can pay for a rocking chair. Some are inexpensive, some are reasonably priced, and some are extremely expensive. A well made rocker will run you between $200-$300 dollars and will last a lifetime. In fact numerous handcrafted rockers in this cost range are handed down from parents to their kids, becoming some thing of a family heirloom.

5. Sit in It – Go to the furniture store and try it out. Try sitting in a number of different styles to get a sense of which is most comfortable for you. This ensures that you’ll be happy with your purchase for the years to come.

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