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This is almost  like searching  for the “Holy Grail” and the search has intensified  over the last ten years it has reached a point now where, by taking advantage of the great the online information packages available online , you can design and build   your own affordable DIY  alternative  energy system. These systems will give you the opportunity to fight back against the rising costs of commercial electricity, all on your own terms .

That’s all very well to say, but how is it practically possible to do this  and what’s more can I really  do it? The answer if an emphatic YES, you do not require any skills or experience  all you do need is a bit of enthusiasm, a good helping  of ‘elbow grease, a modest selection  of hand tools (you can usually  borrow some from next door if you don’t have enough . about $200 and with the right DIY guide , you are good to go.

The best place to start is to select  a good DIY guide.  A good start may be with something like homemade solar panels via residential photovoltaic systems.

The best guides all offer  you answers  to your search for low cost DIY alternative  energy systems, when looking over the online e information packs   make sure the have step by step written instructions, backed up by videos, so that you can actually  see the methods  involved, plans for your system, wiring diagrams, parts list, advice on where to get the cheapest  deals and an online help desk, if you have a problem with anything. All for under $50 .

I realize you will be told that you can get all the information free online, this may  be true, but I have never found it to be so , I like to read and  then see what to do,on video  lessons and with the difficult parts be guaranteed  that there is somewhere to go for the answer . It only  one mistake in the build  if you are doing your own thing without a good DIY guide, then it will probably cost you more. The real FREE is once you start generating  your own electricity at zero cost .

The most popular way to begin with is to make your own homemade solar panels  – solar power  is made by installing  solar panels in a suitable position  on your property   that receives  direct sunlight during most of daylight hours. so  it is no surprise to you that  almost all residential solar power  systems  the PV systems (residential photovoltaic systems or PV cells) are installed on the roof.

A properly  planned out system can produce a considerable proportion of the energy required  to run  a house . These panels are inexpensive and can be built, following  the step by step instructions  in the kit, and when  put into operation  by the property owner , and can go a long way to eliminate  dependency on the power grid.

To supplement  your solar power  system, you might want to think about building a wind turbine/windmill  for the  days when the sun is not shining and when it is dark . They are of a simple  easy design consisting of a tower on which is mounted  a hub with rotor blades, (it is the development over the last decade of new blade designs, that makes it practical for the DIY wind turbine for home) the rotation  created  by the FREE wind energy  is transferred via a shaft that turns the electrical generator. The electricity produced is ready for immediate use or it can be stored for later

This powerful mix  allows  you to get off the grid completely, with your own inexpensive Do It Yourself alternative  energy system and  any excess you generate   can be ‘sold’ back to the electric  company via your electricity meter that will credit the transfer to your account, how sweet is that!

In addition  to start generating your own renewable  power , without adding pollutants  to the atmosphere (that the feel good factor), you can get tax credits for installing your system that will go a good way to paying for the DIY construction (that’s the YEH! factor) then you can sell your power back to the utility company (that the up yours! factor), it just gets better and better.

So get your guide and go green now with your own affordable Do It Yourself  green energy system

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