Do it yourself Solar Energy

I wanted to try one of the DIY Solar Panels guide that is out on the Internet but I was scared of getting ripped off.

Learn how to build Magniwork magnetic generators at home and never have to pay the electric company again.

My main concern was getting ripped off and my second one was ‘What if the solar panels were too hard to make?’

Learn how to build a homemade solar panel

Seeing if the solar panel DIY guide was worth my time The main thing for me was that the company would stand behind their DIY Energy guides if I encountered any problems. All of the different brands did say explicitly that they had guarantees to back up the product. I knew from experience that saying one thing is easy. But actually following through with their guarantee was where I was wary about. The next thing I did was check out user reviews to see what real people had to say.

I wanted a neutral perspective so I didn’t look at those pages trying to sell me their own product. After looking at peoples’ reviews, I figured out that most of the sites didn’t honor their guarantee which really turned me away. There were a handful who got their money back I finally found the two guides that weren’t cross off my list because they actually provided good customer support.

Would I get frustrated and give up making the solar panels? Without any technical knowledge, I was honestly scared that I wouldn’t be able to build the solar panels on my own. I didn’t even go to college and barely graduated from high school. In fact, I work in a grocery store and that’s got to be the least technical job ever. Before I boughtthe guide, I wanted to be absolutely sure that I could handle it and put together the solar panels myself. The pages that sold the guides tried to reassure me by telling me that even a fourteen year old could do it, but because they were selling it to me, I couldn’t completely believe them. I wanted a point of view that was unbiased and not out to get something.

Check out these Power4Home reviews.

So what I did this time was no different than the last time. I went to look at reviews again. My peers gave me their experiences and also warned me on a couple of things I should look out for and it honestly didn’t look too hard.

I didn’t want to worry anymore and just know for sure that I could make my own solar panel I got in an in-depth conversation with some forum people to find out that some actually tried these Do It Yourself energy projects. I put together a quick comparison chart on the best guides on how to make a solar panel Check out GreenDIYEnergy to see how I built a solar panel at home.

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