Five Popular Kitchen Countertop Options

If you are refurbishing a kitchen or feel the desire to do a bit of spicing up to an already designed interior spot, then getting the right kitchen counter top can really strengthen the look of your cooking and eating spot. Plenty of homeowners find themselves being somewhat confused about the options they should be looking at when they are getting ready to purchase these countertops. Next up are five common kitchen countertop options that homeowners can install or have installed in a modern kitchen.

1. Natural Stone Counter Tops

Naturally occurring stone materials like granite, concrete, quartz as well as the more conventional marble can all be used in the designing of counters for your kitchen. As one of the most enduring options on the market, the formal and sophisticated decors are markedly enhanced by stone. And they are also friendly to the environment!

2. Laminate Counter Tops

Laminate countertops seem to have increased in popularity in recent years and are often considered to be the leading option by many design pros. Budget-friendly and easy to maintain, these countertops can often be mistaken for natural stone. They are easy to install and ultra easy to clean up as well. For just a fraction of the cost, laminate can be used rather than natural stone and still the end result will be very similar … almost like getting beauty on a budget!

3. Tile Counter Tops

Easy to afford and very economical for most individuals are the tile counter tops. They are very very easy to maintain since they are both scratch and heat resistant. Choose from tile varieties such as ceramic, porcelain and stone … whatever will work best with your desired look.

4. Wood Counter Tops

These are appealing in design because carved wood is essentially the top choice among interior designers. Wooden counter tops like the butcher block will add a warm and welcome ambiance to your kitchen and dining area and can be easily refinished once you want to boost their polish and luster.

5. Stainless Steel Counter Tops

Kitchens featuring a contemporary design will often make use of stainless steel countertops. Not only are they truly durable but they are also long-lasting and incredibly easy to care for.

So of the different types of kitchen countertops available, which will you choose for your kitchen? Visit for more information about the various styles such as the quartz, laminate, Corian and stainless steel countertops.


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