Garden Landscaping That Doesn’t Break The Bank

Having a elegantly planned garden requires good planning and preparation. Get a pen and paper and draw a mini version of the shape of your garden. Now you can plan the features you want your garden to include.

Have you thought about having a water feature? Do you want to include a lawn? What about a nice patio or paved area? How much work do you want your garden to require to keep it looking good?

Once you have all the elements sketched out you can then roughly guess how much the project is going to cost. If cash is tight, you might want to try to source some of the materials from reclaimed materials, your local tip can be a good place of every day materials which are commonly discarded. Other sources of affordable materials can be your local paper or car boot sales.

Maybe you have a great garden outside your property, but find its just too much work to keep it looking great, spring comes and the whole thing goes wild. Are you too preoccupied working to give it the focus it needs to keep it all up to scratch? Well the answer may well be to design yourself a east to keep space that requires little effort to keep it looking perfect.

Large paved areas or patios can be easy to maintain, They can be easily weeded with weed killing solutions, plus cleaning them is as easy as running a hose over the floor or sweeping with a good stiff broom. Keeping trees to a minimum is also a good idea as in Autumn the leaves will not be an issue to remove clear.

Raised beds are also a good option as they are easier to weed and keep free from unwanted growth, also easier on the back as you don’t need to bend over or kneel down to tend to them.

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