Hurricanes Ushering In New Solar Indoor Generators

solar power

There is light at the end of the tunnel! Scanning some new solar power reports coming out of Florida, one article in particular caught my eye.

Power Ready International’s Indoor Power System (IPS) has launched a new portable generator with some amazing attributes.

The new system does not require any gasoline, does not require a permit, can run on solar power and the internal battery can store 12,000 watts.

With the battery full, it can run for several days at about 3,000 watts and a couple more days if hooked into a 200 watt solar panel.

The system can stay fully charged and ready to use by either plugging into a conventional power outlet, hooking into residential solar power kits or windmill system or a combo of all three.

Should a hurricane or any other calamity knock out the power the Power Ready is at your command.

This is relatively new technology and the ballpark price for this unit is around $9000.

Yep, pretty steep but like I said it’s new technology with the company just opening last January.

I remember when Plasma television hit the market at around 5 grand and can now pick one up for $800 on sale so the main point here is that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

As demand increases for this product expect competition to bring the price down quickly.

Affordable solar power is making leaps and bounds just this year alone. Residential solar power kits are truly in the infancy stage and you too can build one for you home.

Solar panel kits are dropping in price almost daily and with a power generation and storage unit like the one produced by IPS it won’t be long unitl getting off the grid will be practicle for everyone.

solar power

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