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At an time when news are ggettable to anyone in the press of an button, a turn of the dial, & now, the push of a keyboardbutton, news media has had to adapt at order to keep to give and inform their audiences. According to the continuing change of point of views & preferences of our community, news meda has taken at different references in way to satisfy these transformations. the Asian Pages, The Twin Cities’ City Pages, The Twin Cities’ City Pages and The Star Tribune is good examples of different types of newspapers with different styles of telling info. Each of their media covers certain phenomena & problems at certain ways, thus making every paper appeal to an specific spectators.

The NY times started its power while Adolph Ochs, founder of Chattanooga Times on 1878, plant $75,000 in the struggling Times. Ochs raised his newspaper about covering essential info, paying less focus for entertainment info & booming words. along that approach, along with decreasing the price of the paper to a 1$, the media raised to be fourth most important everyday times in the USA along exceed 1,000,000 daily exemplar in circulation in ’98.
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