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Learn More About Hoover Carpet Steam Cleaner

Out of very rude contraptions to highly superior machines, Hoover developed and revolutionized the very principle of home cleaning. It is nearly a hundred years go when Hoover launched its very first suction sweeper device which was conceptualized by creator Murray Spangler. And now Hoover is still at the lead of technology with an array of high tech cleaning machines like vacuum cleaners. This reports will tell you all there is to know about the cleaning devices. Reading reviews is one way of knowing how machines do the job and the excellence of their efficiency.

Hoover has a variety of home cleaning devices. It has both bagged and bagless cleaners to choose from. The company makes upright cleaners, cylinder-types, hand held, and even those large commercial type devices that you see professional cleaning businesses use.

The upright machines were the first kinds Hoover ever made and these were following the initial concept and designs of Spangler. Earlier versions of Hoover upright cleaners were big and heavy. They were supplied with suction features only. Latest models, however, have a lot of functions including either Micro or Hepa filtration systems which makes the machines suitable even for allergy sufferers.

Along with the latest Hoover upright versions include the Hoover Self-Propelled WindTunnel. This device can pick up dirt via self-propelled step. This is part of the bagless product and features between other new easy-to-use flip top lid, no-touch filter cleaning system, 15″ cleaning width equipped with dual brush agitator, and a 12 amp motor.

Upright cleaners are best for homes that have extensive carpeting. However, when floors are carpeted partially, cylinder style cleaners seem to be more appropriate. It was in the 1930s that these types of cleaners grew to become popular. Just as the upright products, Hoover gives  a complete range of bagged and bagless cylinder style cleaners. They also make compact sized ones and full size models that can fit the needs of households.

Aside from the two types of floor cleaners above, Hoover is also recognized as a manufacturer of the Hoover SteamVac series that are best selling upright deep cleaning water extractors, the Hoover SteamVac F5914-900 is one of the example. These Hoover SteamVacs have functions like powered hand tool and also scrub tool which is able to clean both carpeted as well as hard floors.

Hoover SteamVac appears pretty much like the regular upright vacuum cleaners. The difference is that you utilize hot water in the cleaner. The SteamVac then steam cleans the carpet and sucks up the water on the carpet or floor’s surface.

Some of the SteamVac models include the SteamVac Agility which has heated cleaning functions and spin scrub brushes and a powered hand tool. Meanwhile, the SteamVac Dual V model gives users edge-to-edge cleaning and removes more dirty water. In case you’re not pleased with these two, then maybe the SteamVac Dual V Widepath with auto rinse model would might suit your requirements. This tool has six removable rotating brushes and auto detergent mixing system. Plus the auto rinse feature washes the carpet while moving forward and rinses it while pulling back.

Hoover is famous and respected brand. Its years of experience and expertise on home cleaning devices have made the company as certified experts in the field.

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