Residential Solar Power Kits Arriving At Lowe’s

solar power

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California now leads way yet again in residential solar power as the big box, Lowe’s home improvement is now stocking the shelves with a new “do it yourself” solar power kit.

The kit contains a single panel manufactured by Akeena Solar and reportedly retails for $890 and is available in all 21 Lowe’s stores throughout California. This isn’t the first time a “Big Box” as sold these types of units as Home Depot did it for a short time but has now since gone to selling them strickly online. Why, is a good question. Of course, price comes to mind as these units are still in the upper atmosphere for many people but times are changing and so are prices along with technology.

The new solar power kits appear to be both user and nooby friendly as they require less installment skills as those in the past have demanded although have a qualified electrician do the final wiring is probably a great idea for those less inclined to know how to do it themselves. Another really great feature of these new system is that you can Lego these things. That is, you can add more modules as your time and budget allow therefore giving you a ton of flexibility in getting a whole system installed over time.

This new move by Lowe’s is long over due in this writers opinion. Bringing the technology to all us home mechanics will not only spur more interest by others interested in going green but also may encourage more manufacturing of these types of units creating competition which will ultimately start bring down the prices while allowing greater development opportunities.

Small solar units are also on the horizon geared toward RV use ( Sears sold these for awhile but not sure if they still do) and for use as a battery back up system for the home. It will be interesting to see how sales progress with these units. Even moderate sales will be encouraging but with the downturn in the current economy it’s still hard to determine just where this will lead…..stay tuned.

solar power

solar power

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