Residential Solar Power Kits Turning On The Nation

solar power

It appears Residential solar power Kits are finally starting to catch on in the United States. It’s hard to change old habits, especially when it comes to the oil and gas industry and it has taken us nearly 100 years to make a smooth transition from the coal industry which is still playing a huge part in the economy and business of this country.

About 100 years ago, the U.S. Government began giving out tax credits, subsidies and incentives to the struggling oil industry because they just didn’t have a hold on the markets like wood and coal had gotten. Although nuclear power was and is very promising it never had a chance to take off due to a variety of false impressions. Residential solar power kits on the other hand seem to hold great promise today.

Curiously, solar electric power is beginning to take the place of the new magic bullet energy source of the world that petroleum was more than a century ago. The government does seem to be looking to give this industry a great big push.

In California for instance, the government has incentives and subsidies in place that let private enterprise build solar installations on school grounds across the state and sell low-cost power to the schools. Things only began to really look up for the technology about five years ago so when the Energy Policy Act stepped in to hand out generous tax credits to anyone who was willing to invest in a solar project.

There are a variety of new incentives just waiting for small businesses interested in solar power as well. Residential solar power is really only the tip of the ice berg. Most of these are tiny businesses with just a handful of employees.

Not only do the businesses have incentives to motivate them, they also have the fact that prices fall by a fifth each year. They benefit at both ends, and it really makes it worth their while. When you look at the long-term costs of dealing with smoky fossil fuels, there’s just no comparing these two at all.

Cost are continuing to decline while the technology to produce residential solar power kits escalates to make these products even more efficient and cost effective. Keep you eye open over the next couple of years and keep you eyes on this blog as you may well might think about setting up your own residential solar power kit and get off the grid forever. Power rates are going up by the minute and solar power kits are getting easier to install by the day.

Just recently the government has decided to do away with the general incandescent light bulb. Stayed tuned on an interesting blog post on that shortly.

residential solar power kits

solar power

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