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Residential Solar Power | Setting Up Your Own Residential Solar Power System

solar power

Residential solar power for your home is getting easier and slightly less expensive each year. If you have looked at your power bill lately you might just be day dreaming about putting a system such as this some day soon.

Photovoltaic Solar Energy System in another widely used term for such a system and the first thing you must do is try and find out the total amount of solar energy each of your panels will absorb based on how much solar radiation is given off each day in your part of the country.

The National Renewable Energy Lab Resource Assessment Program provides a map which will give you all the variables you will need to determine your area’s solar output energy for your area and can be found here. So go ahead and check out the site to get your averages.

Now that you got your averages on the amount of solar energy you can get you can them figure out just how much you will need to generate which will be based on your current energy usage. You can find that out by looking at your power bill which should tell you how many kilowatts you have used in the last month. If it does not, do not hesitate on calling your power company and they will give you all the details you will need. It will only take a few minutes to get that done.

Once you get that done you will then be able to decide how many residential solar panels you will need to install to meet that energy requirement. Instead of working through a mind numbing number of equations you might find on other sites such as ours just find out how many kilowatt hours are produced by your solar panels each month which are then divided by how many kilowatt hours you are using each month. You will be able to tell how many you will need to install by seeing how much solar radiation is given off in your area each day and times that by 30.

Nearly all the companies that produce residential solar power kits will have that information readily available for you on how all their panels work and the amount of energy they can produce each day. They can all give you a quick estimate on your needs by telling them the basic information you have discovered by reading this article. As stated before, it is becoming easier by the minute to install your own residential solar power system and a great place to start is by checking out all our sponsors on this site. They can provide you will top notch information and products to get you off the grid forever. I have had a chance to review them all and they are superb in teaching you how to get your systems designed, built and installed by yourself. What are you waiting for?  Check out Earth 4 Energy and get started today!

solar power