Silicone Based Or Thin Film Solar Panels. What Is Best?

Because there are quite a lot of different solar panels used on your home, choosing the right sort can be quite a challenge.  Do you go for the more expensive kinds that are silicon based or opt for the cheaper alternative where a thin film is used.

As you will discover both types have their advantages and disadvantages.  So to help you make a more informed decision we look at just what some of these are.

Silicon Based Solar Panels


1. Offer some of the highest efficiencies.  Almost all of the single junction models can achieve efficiencies above 18%.

2.As long as you take care of these panels and protect from dust these types last much longer than other kinds.


1.As already mentioned cost more it is because they cost more to produce.

2.Due to just how they are constructed can be easily damaged by particles blown by the wind.

3.These types have a tolerance to heat.  In fact they don’t like getting hot and if they become overheated the energy they produce is reduced.

Thin Film Solar Panels


1.These are much cheaper to buy due to how they are produced.  A lot of the latest types will simply have the film printed to the substrate.

2.Are far less likely to become damaged as they can move around a bit so better suited cope with what nature throws at them.

3.Have the ability to tolerate heat unlike the silicon based ones as they are thinner.  Also the receive heat faster and energy production isn’t reduced when left out too long under the sun.


1.Most of these panels are not as efficient as the silicone based ones as they aren’t capable of converting much of the solar energy into electricity.

2.Unfortunately these solar panels have a much shorter life span.

There are also other worthwhile solar products that let you harness the suns energy while converting it into useable power such as the 12v Solar Battery Charger or the 20 watt Car Cooler Solar Panel.


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