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Solar Power for Homes – The DIY Option

solar power

There is increasing peoples awareness  about renewable energy, mainly solar energy which is being hailed  as the most plentiful alternative power supply available to us. Thanks to the incredible hi-tech advances being made in photovoltaic cell efficiency, within the last few years.  These cells  have now been made smaller for use in home systems, now it is, more than previously, possible for you to get  solar power for homes. This upsurge in awareness  has been furthered by the terrific  online information guides that are obtainable for you to build  your own renewable solar energy system for your home .

Solar Power for Homes 5 reasons in favor

ONE – As previously mentioned the advancement  of solar technology, added to the increase in PV cells effectiveness (Photovoltaic – converts sunlight directly  into power) while at the same time  the price  of cells are reducing for you residential photovoltaic panels.

TWO – Solar energy for homes is more highly developed  in quite a few countries than here in the US, this is mostly since a lot of the developing countries have plenty of sun but nothing much  in the way of power distribution capacity, so it is understandable  that there is more inducement to have household  solar systems. Because we have a national grid it is inclined to sidetrack  our thoughts away from having  our own solar power, as it moves us into new territory.  But  with the increasing cost of commercially generated energy  we now have that inducement  to get off our butts and see what is obtainable

THREE – An extra incentive added to the pot by the government, comes in the form of “Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency” which are available to property  owners till 2016.

*Home owners who install alternative energy systems on their property can get a tax credit for thirty percent  of the total build cost.

*No upper limit till 2016

*Obtainable for new construction  or remodeling

So get looking

Four– In part the amplified  public awareness of solar energy is based on global concerns for the increasing greenhouse gas emissions  largely from commercial power stations which burn carbon based  fuels to produce energy. So now is the time  to look at the carbon footprint of your house and consider  DIY  solar energy as your involvement  to the struggle against global warming, at the same time as  reducing your electricty bills

Five – It is very easy to get your own online step by step information kit which will enable you to build and install  your own homemade solar panels, at the same time as saving yourself $1000’s on the price of an installed system

Solar power for homes will give you savings of up to 80% on your electricity bills which makes the project extremely appealing especially  with the energy tax rebates that make a noteworthy  input  to the build price .

Install an entry level solar power for Homes System for Under two hundred dollars and use the savings to increase the power output of your system

One final bonus, when the sun shines for extended periods, the unwanted  energy can be routed  back to the utility company via your meter for credit – now that’s what I call a wonderful  deal!

solar power

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