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solar power

Solar power systems for the home was just a fantasy a few decades ago. Back then power was cheap and easy. Huge hydro and nuclear power plants were being build that supplied way more electric power that the then growth rate of the country. Unfortunately, construction of these power producing sites basically died out in the 70’s due to a variety of reasons while U.S. Population and demand for power has escalated wildly.

The last 10 years or so has seen a great interest in developing solar power systems for the home but the cost has been anything but affordable. In 2000 you would have had to spend approximately $20,000 to buy and have a basic “get off the grid” system installed. This system back then was bulky, intimidating for most, not the most user friendly and dependable as was wish for. And if something did go wrong, again, it could be expensive to get fixed. solar power system together for a fraction of the price it was 10 years ago with just a few mouse clicks! Wouldn’t you really rather get off the grid, save a ton of money and not be dependent on your local power company? Residential solar power can and will change your life.

solar power

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