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Techniques to Repair Basement Leaks

The repair of basement leaks is essential to avoid damage to your home foundation. Basement leaks, unfortunately is a common problem in homes in basements with cracks, especially those that have been left unattended for a long time. Little cracks that can be found in your basement can let water seep in during excessive rains and flooding. The sad thing about this is that with water seeping through the room, it can lead to other problems such as basement mold and dampness.  This is why as early as the summer season; you must address this occurrence before it can rage damage to your homes once the rainy season starts.
· Identify first the areas affected with cracks. Clean the area properly and sand the surface of the wall. Remember that paint and cement will not adhere effectively on areas that have been tainted with paint. It is advisable that you mark the area for easy and correct identification.
· Try the use of polyurethane foam injection system to repair basement leaks. This is done in the interior of the basement. Polyurethane is injected into the cracks in a liquid state. Once it gets contact in the water, it reacts to form foam and in turn, immensely increases the volume thereby preventing water from seeping in.
· A fast setting hydraulic cement has been proven to be useful for sealing cracks in concrete structures. Make sure that all areas are well covered. After this, apply masonry waterproofing that has been prepared based on package guides. Extend the application at least 2 inches more and must be tapered off at the edges. Waterproofing must be recoated at least twice.
If you do not have the budget to employ the services of an excavation or basement repair contractor, which can be quite costly; then you can follow these techniques for the repair of basement leaks.

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