The Truth About Free Energy Generators

The advancement in technology over the last decade is unbelievable. With the advent of technology, our way of life has changed drastically. A further testament to the ever evolving nature of technology is the rise of  free energy generator. Gone are the days when you had to rely on the power company to offer you electricity to power your homes and appliances. Nowadays you canproduce the same electricity at your home without having to pay for it ever! Honest! Are youthinking why you should stop utilizing power from electricity companies and start generating electricity from your free energy generator?

Do you have any idea about how power companies generate electricity? They do this by burning thousands of tons of coal and then releasing the resulting poisonous gases and harmful chemicals straight into the atmosphere. Such an act leads to global warming, harmfuleffects on the environment and shortens life span of living things. Can you live with the guilt?

Do you want to live with the guilt of destroying the planet when instead of taking alternate routes to stop that happening in the first place? Even when your other alternatives like the free energy generator produced free electricity with virtually no polution at all!

Now you don’t want to be that person do you? Surely you wouldn’t want to be. Afer learning about the large number of benefits for selecting a free energy generator, you will surely take a U turn. Don’t be surprised by the fact that you have multiple free energy generator options at your disposal. And no I’m not talking about your commongenerators that run on gas; those definitely do not provide you with free energy.

Free energy generators come in four forms. Every free energy generator has its pros and cons and the major deciding factors should be your location and the amount of electricity needed..

Hydropower generator- The term hydro stands for water in Greek. Hydropower generatorsmake use of water in order to produce electric energy.This doesn’t mean that there is a generator that runs on water. When hydropower generators come in contact with fast flowing water, they generate electricity. Incase you are located nearby a river, you can use this free energy generator for electricity production. Hydropower generators consist of a turbine, which is placed along the river or in the stream and when the force of the water turns the turbines it produces electricity, which you can than use to light up your house. One challenge that you will face when trying to use this free energy generator is that it will have to be built on a river and it is extremely rare to receive formalpermission for this. It is for this reason that such a method is not suggested

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