Top Tips To Buy The Best Shower Curtains

athroom shower curtains have been playing a vital role in not only providing privacy but also enhancing the look and design of the bathroom. Spending a few moments in a well decorated bathroom is becoming today very essential to refresh you, to get rid of stress in this age of fast paced life. You cannot relax in the tub for a long time if your bathroom is not in a proper condition. These curtains add to the enhancement of the decor of the bathroom. Serving a practical function by keeping water off the floor, curtains are needed for overall design, feel and look of your bathroom.

There is a wide array of shower curtains to create that perfect and relaxing bathroom. However certain factors are needed to be considered for purchasing the best curtain. We are discussing these factors below:

Color and designs

The first factor to consider the color and design. It should match with your bathroom ambiance. You can go for contrast colors. For example, a black shower curtain will look good in an all white bathroom. Also choose a color that gives you a refreshing feel. Like a brown curtain gives you a homely feeling. This goes well if you have wooden cabinets and windows, doors inside the bathroom. Similarly, light blue color represents peace and tranquility. For children bathroom, animal printed curtains look good. Abstract designs can also be chosen.

Liner and water repellent

Always, buy a shower curtain that has a liner. In case if you do not find one that has a liner, then see that it has a water repellent finish.

Machine wash and dry

Check out whether your curtain can be machine washed and dried or not. As these curtains are quite heavy, hand washing is very inconvenient.

Hanging Equipment

Also see that that the shower curtains come with easily manageable but also decorative hanging equipments like grommets, curtain rods, curtain rings etc. These should also match with the curtain and also the bathroom decor.


Consider the fabrics. Different fabrics are used which are tightly woven and accent the look of your bathroom. The best options are 55% cotton and 45% polyester or 55% polyester and 45% nylon or 100% polyester.

Compare Prices

Last but not the least, consider various price ranges. Check out various online sites or stores to get the best prices.

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