Use A Deep Cycle Battery To Store Your Solar Generated Power

Do you think you’re are someone that is considering installing a standalone solar powered system to your home.  If you are obviously you not only want to get the ideal varieties of solar panels and the ideal sorts of batteries in which the power collected through the sun can then be stored.  For such a system you are going to absolutely need to put money into getting some deep cycle batteries such as the Optima Battery.

Although you may think it might be cheaper to work with some conventional car batteries, they just cannot take care of the task at hand.  These types of batteries will find it not simply hard to store but in addition discharge the energy collected and can need replacing frequently.  Plus of course these type use considerably more resources to create them when compared to deep cycle kind so are way more harmful to the environment.

Once you’ve chosen to implement deep cycle batteries for your solar powered system at this point you need to decide the kind to work with.  Below we take a brief look at just what exists.

Type 1 – Flooded

These are akin to the batteries you use in your car but have much thicker lead plates.  Whilst they are well suited for use in solar powered systems they do come with some of the problems connected with conventional car batteries.  They don’t have such a long serviceable life, the dissipation of electrolytes can be poor, and they can become stratified.  Plus you can find that these are difficult to transport and there is a possibility that the gases within them may explode.

Type 2 – Gel

These batteries contain acid like other batteries but additionally contain a gel that brings about the acid being converted into a jelly.  So of course regardless of whether the batteries become broken there is no chance the acid inside will spill out.  Not only can these types deep discharge well but can easily handle high temperatures better.  You can also only partially recharge this type and no serious damage will be caused to them.  They are also able to much more easily able to accept a charge due to their low internal resistance.  But you shouldn’t recharge them using high voltages.

Type 3 – AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat)

Between each lead plate in this kind of battery a boron silicate glass mat will be placed.  As a result the electrolyte (acid) inside the battery becomes immobilizes so if the battery is broken the contents is not going to spill out.  You’ll discover that this type like the gel type can deep charge and is able to control high temperatures.  Plus even if you only partially recharge these types of deep cycle batteries you will find that it will not cause any serious damage to the battery itself as it has low internal resistance.  Yet with regards to this type of battery you will find that is much more effective at you using high voltage charging that the gel and flooded type cannot handle.


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