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Using Solar Power | The True Benefits Of Solar Energy

solar power

Using solar power was more or less just a fad a few years ago. Not so nowadays. There are true money saving benefits by generating your own energy.

Although the cost of setting up your solar power system is not exactly cheap, once you have made that money back in cost savings the energy you use will now be free. You don’t have to pay for power derived from the sun and any excess you generate can be sold back to the power company for a profit to you.

Other factors benefiting you generating  your own solar energy is the fact that it is self sustaining and green clean. No environmental damage is occurring from its use. These systems are also very easy on up keep as well and you can always increase or decrease the amount of power you need at any time by adding or subtracting panels.

There are however cons to getting into solar energy. As I mentioned before it can be expensive although these cost are coming down as I speak. It is the long term goal that you should focus on though and not the short term outlay in getting started.

Costs involved for putting together your own solar power generating system depend on how big your system will be. You can get one started for less than a $1000 or build an entire power plant that could cost you tens of thousands even though there are many tax incentives being given through the federal and local government to help offset some of the cost.

Of all the costs involved, your biggest expense will be in the solar panels themselves. Technology today is helping in that arena as well as they are getting smaller and putting out more energy per square foot than they did years ago but again, as soon as you get them up and running they begin paying you back. With energy costs spiking all the time it won’t be too long to recoup your investment and all that power then becomes free energy to you.

You also need to factor in how much sunlight your solar panels receive each day and how you have them facing the sun. If your average home power use is 1000 kilowatt hours a month and each solar panel you have generates 5 kilowatt’s of power every day then each panel will produce 150 kilowatt hours a month. You would need 7 panels to cover your monthly power needs.

As of this writing there are a couple of companies coming online this year for the residential solar power kit market. The estimated cost are expected to be around $1 to $2 per kilowatt hr. which would make the cost of an average house right around $10 thousand. This cost does not include the rebates which in some area can reduce the cost by as much as 50%.

I think it is safe to say that within a few short years using solar energy will definitely become mainstream for a lot of people as the cost of domestic energy supplies become stretched and prices of these resources continues to escalate. The sun in not going anywhere soon and is this planets most reliable energy source. As solar energy components continue to drop more and more people will find that switching to this energy source will far out weight any negative currently sited in this article.

solar power